Welcome to the Lil Cuckoo Company. Around here, the air is light, the jokes are salty and happiness rides in on every wave. How is this possible, you ask? Well, when you surround yourself with things you love and let the cuckoo out just a little bit, these things just have a way of happening like that. "Lily" is a vision of all things filled with light and love. The air is beautiful. Come dance with us.  **** Together, we are making the world a more joyful place... one Cuckoo at a time. Thank you for visiting! Peace out ****

Believe * Be Happy * Just Be...

I'm a Lily!

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Believe.  Be Happy.  Just Be.
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Lil Cuckoo Mission Statement: To share the happiness and pure joy in life through a free flowing spirit of hope, love, laughter, and oh yes, just a little bit of cuckoo...

SMILE... Everything around you lights up when you smile. ~ Elizabeth L. Theodore 

"Lily" is a philosophy, a way of life...
People often ask me, "are you Lily?"  The short answer is "yes" because Lily is within me, but the long answer is that "Lily" is more like a feeling....
Here is my Lily poem that I wrote way back when it all started to try to describe it:

What is Lily?


It’s just like that feeling you got

watching Saturday morning cartoons. 

You were free to be.  Just Be. 

Life was simple.  It was all so simple. 

You giggled to yourself

whenever you fancied. 

You dreamed big and every part of your
being believed it would all come true.

It's more than okay to feel that way again.

It’s Lily. 

Feel the freedom.

Giggle when you fancy.

Dream big.

Be a Lily. 

Start by saying it softly to yourself…

”I’m a Lily.” 

Let it drift through your mind

from time to time…

Try saying it out loud. 

“I’m a Lily.” 

When you declare it,

the sky will seem just a bit bluer.

You will laugh just a little bit harder.

Life will seem just a bit more Grande. 

It’s Lily.

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