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Liz Theodore, here (Lizzy, for fun)

That's me up there in the left photo, out on Block Island, RI with my husband Glen.  You know, I think the best part of being married to your best friend is that we love each other for all the best parts of who we are.  Any other parts just come with the package.  When my clock cuckoos, Glen tells me someone is calling me.  We laugh alot and I love that.

The photo up there on the right is me at Mystic Village meeting lots of people and selling my books and bookmarks and things.  If you look carefully, you can see all the magnets and everything that I made with all the lily Lessons all over them.  You can also see the look on my face as I am watching someone read one of my Lily Lessons.  It is a cross between "cuckoo-sweet" and "clever-lunatic."  I love to share Lily Lessons because we all share in the craziness of life and this is how we connect in a wonderful and magical way.  So, here is how I see the path that brought me to where I am today:

Phase 1.) Feeling free

As a child, I had a lively imagination and loving Mom and Dad who encouraged me to use it.  I acted in make-believe skits, sewed and crafted, painted and sketched, and wrote little books.  I dreamed my creations would be known throughout the world and I would make people feel happy.


Phase 2.) Worrying about what other people think.

I went off to college and majored in Psychology.  While I soaked in my studies like a sponge, it was the social scene that overwhelmed me.  I felt different ~ unpopular, judged, and afraid.  After graduating, I met my husband.  I knew it was love because I felt safe to just be me.  Outside our little cocoon, the world was still a scary place.  I had jobs where I never fit in, from selling cars to selling insurance, among other things, as a bank manager.  I always had a hanging suspicion of being watched and judged and never quite free.  Never quite me.


Back to Phase 1.) Feeling free

I had an awakening.  I think it happened when we were racing across the ocean in our speed boat or maybe it happened when I was surfing in the waves. All of the definitions and expectations imposed on me were washed away.  I was left feeling like a child dancing in the sand.  Like a bird in flight, I left the security of my seven-year position at the bank to follow a dream.  I had no fear.  I felt free. 

As I was beginning to get out of my shell, a sparkling spirit (I named it “Lily”) came to me and danced above my head.  It was like a breath of fresh air~ a radiant light~ a flow that traveled right into my heart.  This flow energized my soul, my thoughts, and everything around me.  For days, I kept saying to my husband and family, “I’m a Lily.”

  This playful and radiant spirit led me to write, “If your clock is wound too tight… Let the cuckoo out.”  I turned it into a greeting card, and the “Lil Cuckoo Company” was born.  You can call me many things, but don’t call me sane.



It drives me crazy.


NOW, I explore life and breathe in the fresh rays of happiness that each new day brings.  Each month, I write a new story and send it out as "The Lily Connection."  Write to me if you want to be on the list to receive it!  I write about the happy flow of life... that is, Lily.

And that cuckoo bird you see up there is my official, registered trademark.  i drew my cuckoo during the preparation of my first book.  after the cuckoo came out, i started to draw LOts of cartoons.  (makes sense, doesn't it???)  and that's how i came to illustrate all the lessons ever since.

lily = happiness

dance in the lily fields over the joy of it all.... 


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