...with these first 50 lessons, I decided to make a special collections edition book called
"Let the Cuckoo Out."  I
have three Lily books, actually...  The cuckoo book,
Lollipop Moments
" (for kids) and "
Happy Toes". the sequel. 

... each page is actually a verse I wrote for a card, which lends itself very easily to putting each one individually on magnets and book
marks, etc.
  So, now I have created a whole "Cuckoo Series" and write a monthly story that I call "The Lily Connection."  I am completely raw and unrehearsed.  I follow no structure or rules.  But the people rejoice and we dance in the joy of it all. 














…I was trying to explain what I do to someone and I said, "The words dance in my head and when it feels like a song, they come out in a verse, and that is, a Lily's Life Lesson.   ~  Author, dreamer, Liz  Theodore

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All of these lessons come from my own made-up imagination which either makes me a genius or completely crazy...  You decide...  This is the first phrase I wrote so you can see where it all started ~~

"If your clock is wound too tight... Let the Cuckoo out."

And then came the lessons...

Lily's Life Lesson #1

"Forget about what other people think. If you think purple socks go with that formal satin evening dress, you have a fashion sense that just hasn't happened yet."
Lily's Life Lesson #2

If you feel a

giggle coming

on, you have to

let it out.


If you don’t, it

starts to bubble up

inside and it

comes out in

some other

way~ like out

your ears~ it’s

not pretty...


Lily's Life Lesson #3

Let yourself


It’s the only way to figure out what you

really want in life... 

Lily's Life Lesson #4

Sunglasses are the most

important part of any outfit.


What’s even more fun is to

have lots of different styles.


It’s the sane way of having



Lily's Life Lesson #5

The person who

devised sizes of

pantyhose must

have worked in a

broom factory.


Even the Queen

size looks like the

perfect slip-cover

for one of them.


Personally, I

would rather wear

them as hair



Lily's Life Lesson #6

Age really is just

mind over matter.

It doesn’t Matter what

the calendar has



 Never Mind what they

say you should be based

on a number.


Go tickle your fancy

and tell them all

to Mind their own


Lily's Life Lesson #7 

Sometimes other people

can’t hear the orchestra

that’s playing in

your head.


It’s okay.


Follow your own


Lily's Life Lesson #8

Within every


is an


for a




You just

might be

the next


Lily's Life Lesson #9

The beauty of


is the grace

with which

she shows

her strength.


It’s sort of

like watching

a ballerina

bench press

500 pounds.

Lily's Life Lesson #10

If I dared to wish to go back in time

and change a path I took, I would deeply

miss the precious parts that happened

along the way.


Whatever you think you have to

go back in time to

find is actually

right in front of


Lily's Life Lesson #11 

There is a thin line between

genius and insanity.


I was tip-toeing

on the tight rope

one day and decided to join

the flying pig

who happened by.


The view is

spectacular from

up here.

Lily's Life Leson #12

The whole world is

right at your



Just reach out and

touch that dream

that dances in your



 hold it gently in

your hands for just

a moment,



set it free.

Lily's Life Lesson #14

I never could figure out how

those equations in algebra had

anything to do with real life.


So, I made up this equation

that seems to me to be the

fundamental expression for

the Human experience.


Here it is:


Hope + Action = Purpose


My first calculation concluded

that Purpose is squared

but I have since learned that

it expands exponentially.

Lily's Life Lesson #15

The saying

“Today is the first day

of the rest of your life”

is a myth.


It was actually



Did you follow your



Today is Tomorrow’s


Lily's Life Lesson #16

  Being on vacation

is like dancing

naked in a field of


The air is sweet

with the scent of

freedom and

nobody seems to


your choice

of entertainment.



                           Lily's Life Lesson #17 


I don’t mind getting older...


Each day brings me one

step closer to being that

crazy lady I always

dreamed of who eats

ice-cream for breakfast

and laughs hysterically

at her own jokes.


Oh, wait, I’m already


Lily's Life Lesson #18

A happy marriage

is like the solar system.


In cosmic terms, your

beloved partner in life

is like your center.


And you are free to fly

anywhere in its orbit...

sometimes as close as

kissing the sun and

sometimes hugging the

edge of the

universe...but you are



This is what they call

   a cosmic connection.   

Lily's Life Lesson #19

Sometimes the door you need to

open is a big iron gate.


You peep through the towering

rods and press your cheeks

against the cold metal and you

see your dreams dancing on the

other side.


But when you reach your hands

around the iron rods and try to

pull the gate open, the gate is



And you try with all your might

to pull harder as the gate rattles

louder and louder and your heart

beats faster and faster.


And then someone hands you

the key. 

Thank You.


 Lily's Life Lesson #20

Tend to the voices

in your head like you

would a garden.


Treat the bad

ones for the

weeds that they

are and allow the

good ones to

flourish and



Life is better

when your brain

is a bouquet.

Lily's Life Lesson #21

If I had a pretty

pink feather for every

time someone tried to

judge me,
I would be one

feisty flamingo.


I’m Pink.

I’m Proud.

I’m Prancing.

I’m Dancing.





Lily's Life Lesson #22

What is the spirit of Christmas?

Close your eyes and imagine

you are holding a little



As you open the box, you

open your eyes and see a



You blink your eyes at the

sight, and in that moment

the light is now inside



You feel its warmth right down

to your fingers and toes and you

are washed with a feeling of



That is the spirit of


Lily's Life Lesson #23

Obsessions have about as

much reality as a



The next time you think

a safe is going to fall

on your head,

change the ending.


That safe may just

be a marshmallow

painted gray. 


So, put it in your cocoa

and move on with your day.

Lily's Life Lesson #24

Nobody ever told me

about these cute little

surprises that would

present themselves at

certain predetermined

points in time.


Take, for example,

the gift

of the whiskers.


Very funny, but

joke’s over.

Can I return them now?

Lily's Life Lesson #25



a New Year’s resolution

I can keep...


This year

I promise

to do everything

exactly the way

I have been

doing them

for as long as I can





This is going to be

a good year.

Lily's Life Lesson #26

Our story

is long and rich with

vivid recall of the

stories we shared and

the secrets we kept

among the sunny walks


rain-drop days and to

this day, no one

knows me better,

comforts my woes, or

lifts my wings of dreams

quite like

 my sister.

Lily's Life Lesson #27

I know

you are my

best friend because I

left my guard by the

door next to your

old galoshes

and we laughed

at ourselves

while the storm

had its rain

and the sun

followed me all

the way home.

 Lily's Life Lesson #28

Every time I turn

around, a new

place on my body



but all I can do

is laugh,

since I named them

“body giggles.”

 Lily's Life Lesson #29

It must be love

because I

forgot to


to be





you stayed

to be with what

was behind the else.


 I think I will forget

to pretend forever.

Lily's Life Lesson #30

Fairy Tales


come true.


The way it happens

is all up to



Lily's Life Lesson #31

What happened

to the

Peanut Gallery?


We wasted

all that time

worrying about

what they think,

as if they were

some fine mix,

but come to

find out

they are

just plain nuts.

Lily's Life Lesson #32


is highly



I would rather live

in the moment, than

try to re-write it

to my own definition.


That moment

was made perfect

just for you

before you even

got there.

Lily's Life Lesson #33


Life is full of planning,

and primping,

and pruning,


often what

you end up with,


is something shaped

like a hedge-hog.


Still the best times are

shaped by just



Lily's Life Lesson #34

Every one
has a
where you
can go
to just be.

just feels better
when you are
at the beach.

Lily's Life Lesson #35

I just found out

peculiar is popular.


All this time I thought I

was the odd one out.


Now, I am the odd one in.


This is going to take some

getting used to.

Lily's Life Lesson #36

That little voice
way back there
in your head
can be pretty
mean sometimes.

You hereby have
to talk mean

right back.

You can even say
"shut up"
and you don't
have to apologize.

Lily's Life Lesson #37

in things
meant to be. 

in things
yet to be.

The truest
things whisper
the softest.






 Lily's Life Lesson #38

I lost my inhibitions

and I can’t find them



I think they fell off

somewhere around the pool


hope and wonder.


If you find them,

put them on the first train

out of town.


I don’t need them


Lily's Life Lesson #39

Living in a dream world

of gumdrops

and lollipops

has a down side.


When things heat up,

it becomes a really big,

gummy gooey,

sticky mess.


It’s okay.

They taste just as good

upside down.

Lily's Life Lesson #40

Call me crazy...


No, really,

please do.


I take it as a


 Lily's Life Lesson #41





Mud Pie Therapy

states that when you

create something with

your own two hands,

it opens up a new

connection in your mind

to form a state

of peace and tranquility.


I sort of just made

all of this up.


Never be afraid to get

your hands dirty.

That’s my motto.

Lily's Life Lesson #42


like a kid

is so much

more fun

now that I am all grown up,


now when I

go ask


I almost always



Lily's Life Lesson #43

I’m a

diplomatic rebel.


I don’t care what

other people think.


But I’m nice about it.

Lily's Life Lesson #44

We can never

presume we will

figure all of it out.


So let us dance

with the mystery.


And sing

with the uncertainty.


Never before has

Life’s Play


as unpredictably

nor as eloquently.

Lily's Life Lesson #45


My husband doesn’t seem

to understand why I need so many pairs of shoes.


I’m not thinking about

myself ~ no, not at all.

I’m doing it for the shoes.


Yes, the poor little shoes

would be trapped

in their boxes forever

if it weren’t for me

to buy them and take

them home.


Viva La Shoes!

Lily's Life Lesson #46

The view is pretty

but the

 senses are sleeping.


When you realize

the window is open,


fly through.

Lily's Life Lesson #47

Happiness knocks


when we are afraid

to let it in.


We fear to mix

company with Doubt.


Imagine the shenanigans

when all the players



 The party has just begun

because I just saw

 Hesitation walk in with


Lily's Life Lesson #48

Of course

there is a good reason

why my house does not

look like a sparkling

page out of

 Housekeeping Beautiful.


I have better things to do.

Lily's Life Lesson #49

I had one marble

left and I used it

to replace the pendulum

on my antique clock.


Now my cuckoo

is sane


I am completely



I have never

been happier.

Lily's Life Lesson #50

Feeling Free

is a gift

that happens


you let go

of the control

you thought you had

over all things

in your life.


The more you let go,

the freer you become.


Don’t just think it. 
Live it.

*** see more "Lily's Lessons" in the next section called Lily's Lollipop Moments and more!  In there, you will find 21 lesson for kids (my lollipop moments!) and then more lessons cuz I just keep writin' em :)

"lily" feels like breathing happiness.... I am so goofy....how did I get to be so lucky to breathe in happiness every day?  Oh, yeah, that's right, it's LILY!  We will start a new revolution!  That's right!  We will all share the happiness and declare "I'm a Lily!" every day...

I say "whatever will be, will be"...

Whatever it is, let it be Lily.... 























































































































































































































































































































































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