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I'm a Lily.

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Ordering products is super easy!

1.)  Shoot me an email telling me what you would like to order at
2.)  I will write back confirming your order and the total amount due
3.)  Send me a check - Elizabeth Theodore- and mail to P.O. Box 288, Mystic, CT 06355


Products to Order:

Let the Cuckoo Out  $14.00
*a collection of my first 50 Lily Life Lessons

Lily's Lollipop Moments  $14.00
*21 Life Lesson just for kids (ages 6 and up)

Happy Toes  $14.00
*Lily's Life Lessons continue... #21 MORE lessons from Lily

***note*** All books are signed by the author, Elizabeth L. Theodore

greeting cards
$3.00 each
***Browse through all the Lily Lessons and Lollipop Moments and tell me which ones you want as greeting cards!  Cards measure 5" by 7" and comes with envelope*** Sure to deliver big smiles!!!! 

Large  $3.00 each
***LOOK through all the lessons and lollipop moments and tell me what lesson you want!!!
midsize  $2.00 each

$5.00 each
***teal colored bracelet with debossed messages reading "I'm a Lily" on one side and "free to be" on the other***

$5.00 each
***CHOOSE from any lesson or lollipop moment***

dream fish
$10.00 each
***Stone fishes draped on a cord and wrapped in a pretty fabric pouch  ***  special message card inside reads "hold it, wear it, put it in your pocket.  talk to it.  Let it be the keeper of your dreams as you travel the sea of life" ***  give the gift of dreams to the ones you love*** Available colors:  pink, yellow, green and clear

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